Research Data Management Committee

The Research Data Handling Officer enables the scientists in the Cluster to use available data and data infrastructure for the greatest impact on science and ensure the accessibility and re-usability of the data produced in the Joint Research Cluster.

He is responsible for collecting needs voiced by Cluster scientists and communicate best practices regarding Research Data Management.

In order to integrate all research avenues present in the Cluster, a Research Data Management Committee was formed in 2019. It provides feedback and prepares proposals in the context of Research Data Management for discussion and decision in the Coordinating Committee.

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Portrait Tristram Frank Tristram

Frank Tristram

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Research Data Management Committee
Portrait Name Function Group E-Mail
Portrait Braese
Spokesperson Thrust A1, Principal Investigator Thrusts A2 and A3   braeseFuk7∂kit edu
Portrait Mager
  Research Thrust B2 dario magerBtf7∂kit edu
Portrait Tristram
Research Data Handling Officer   frank tristramSxc6∂3dmm2o de
Portrait photo
Coordinator (Controlling & Research Data Management)   irene faipoYre8∂uni-heidelberg de
Portrait Schulz
    katrin schulzNso6∂kit edu
Portrait Jung
  Research Thrust A1 nicole jungQxs8∂kit edu
Portrait Link
  Research Thrust C3 rabea linkUdk5∂bioquant uni-heidelberg de
Portrait Schroeder
Executive Board Deputy, Spokesperson Thrust B3   rasmus schroederWkl0∂bioquant uni-heidelberg de