Principal Investigators

The core of the Cluster 3DMM2O are its 35 Principal Investigators (PIs). They work interdisciplinary in the three Research Areas. 17 of the PIs are active at KIT and 18 at Heidelberg University. Furthermore, 30 PIs are mainly experimentally and five mainly theoretically oriented.

Principal Investigators and Thrust Spokespersons
Portrait Name Function E-Mail
Portrait Aghassi
Principal Investigator Thrust C1 jasmin aghassi does-not-exist.kit edu
Portrait Barner-Kowollik
Spokesperson Thrust A3, Principal Investigator Thrusts B1 and A3 christopher barner-kowollik does-not-exist.kit edu
Portrait Bastmeyer
Spokesperson Thrust C3, Principal Investigator Thrusts B1 and C3 bastmeyer does-not-exist.kit edu
Portrait Blasco
Principal Investigator Thrust A3 eva blasco does-not-exist.oci uni-heidelberg de
Portrait Braese
Spokesperson Thrust A1, Principal Investigator Thrusts A1, A2 and A3 braese does-not-exist.kit edu
Portrait Bunz
Spokesperson Thrusts A3, B1, and B2, Principal Investigator Thrusts A3, B1, and B2 uwe bunz does-not-exist.oci uni-heidelberg de
Portrait photo
Principal Investigator Thrust C3 dcampos does-not-exist.uni-heidelberg de
Portrait Eggeler
Principal Investigator Thrust B3 yolita eggeler does-not-exist.kit edu
Principal Investigator Thrusts B1 and C3 peer fischer does-not-exist.imseam uni-heidelberg de
Portrait Goepfrich
Principal Investigator Thrust B1 kerstin goepfrich mpg de
Portrait Graeter
Spokesperson Thrust C2, Principal Investigator Thrust C2 frauke graeter does-not-exist.h-its org
Portrait Gumbsch
Spokesperson Thrust C2, Principal Investigator Thrust C2 peter gumbsch does-not-exist.kit edu
Portrait Hashmi
Spokesperson Thrust A1, Principal Investigator Thrust A1 hashmi does-not-exist.hashmi de
Portrait Hernandez-Sosa
Principal Investigator Thrust B2 gerardo sosa does-not-exist.kit edu
Portrait Kemerink
Principal Investigator Thrust C1 martijn kemerink uni-heidelberg de
Portrait Koos
Principal Investigator Thrust C1 christian koos does-not-exist.kit edu
Portrait Korvink
Spokesperson Thrust B2, Principal Investigator Thrusts A2, B2, and C2 jan korvink does-not-exist.kit edu
Portrait Lemmer
Executive Board Deputy, Spokesperson Thrust C1, Principal Investigator Thrusts B2 and C1 ulrich lemmer does-not-exist.kit edu
Portrait Levkin
Principal Investigator Thrust A3 pavel levkin does-not-exist.kit edu
Portrait Mastalerz
Spokesperson Thrust A2, Principal Investigator Thrusts A1 and A2 michael mastalerz does-not-exist.oci uni-heidelberg de
Portrait Pereira
Principal Investigator Thrust C3 gislene pereira does-not-exist.cos uni-heidelberg de
Portrait Rockstuhl
Principal Investigator Thrusts C1 and C2 carsten rockstuhl does-not-exist.kit edu
Portrait Schepers
Principal Investigator Thrust C3 ute schepers does-not-exist.kit edu
Portrait Schroeder
Spokesperson Thrust B3, Principal Investigator Thrust B3 rasmus schroeder does-not-exist.bioquant uni-heidelberg de
Portrait Schwaiger
Principal Investigator Thrust C2 r schwaiger does-not-exist.fz-juelich de
Portrait Schwarz
Principal Investigator Thrust C3 Ulrich Schwarz does-not-exist.bioquant uni-heidelberg de
Portrait photo
Executive Board Deputy, Principal Investigator Thrust B1 selhuber does-not-exist.uni-heidelberg de
Portrait Spatz
Principal Investigator Thrust C3 jspatz does-not-exist.mpimf-heidelberg mpg de
Portrait Tanaka
Principal Investigator Thrusts B1 and C3 tanaka does-not-exist.uni-heidelberg de
Portrait Tegeder
Principal Investigator Thrust A2 tegeder does-not-exist.uni-heidelberg de
Portrait Thomas
Principal Investigator Thrust A1 franziska thomas does-not-exist.oci uni-heidelberg de
Portrait Wegener
Cluster Spokesperson, Spokesperson Thrust B1, Principal Investigator Thrusts B1 and C2 martin wegener does-not-exist.kit edu
Portrait Wenzel
Principal Investigator Thrusts A1, A2, and B2 wolfgang wenzel does-not-exist.kit edu
Portrait Wittbrodt
Cluster Spokesperson, Spokesperson Thrust C3 jochen wittbrodt does-not-exist.cos uni-heidelberg de
Portrait Woell
Spokesperson Thrust A2, Principal Investigator Thrusts A2 and C1 christof woell does-not-exist.kit edu