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Portrait Postdoctoral Representative
Postdoctoral Representative
Ksenia Kutonova
Research Thrust A2

ksenia kutonova∂kit edu

Postdoctoral researchers

The postdoctoral researchers are an integral part of the Cluster's interdisciplinary research environment. Moreover, they profit from the early career support structures and training opportunities offered by the KIT and Heidelberg University, e.g. the Young Investigators Network.

Postdoctoral researchers
Portrait Name Group E-Mail
Research Thrust B1 wasim abuillanMkk5∂bioquant uni-heidelberg de
Research Thrust C3 sarah bertelsRdy5∂kit edu
Research Thrust B1 FreudenbergDci6∂oci uni-heidelberg de
Research Thrust A2 ritesh haldarUdf3∂kit edu
Research Thrust A2 tawheed hashemXvm8∂kit edu
Research Thrust A1 zahid hassanUjb7∂kit edu
Research Thrust B2 monsur islamOsk7∂kit edu
Research Thrust A1 marjan krsticIqi8∂kit edu
Research Thrust A2 ksenia kutonovaFne0∂kit edu
Research Thrust B1 enrico lemmaBzy0∂partner kit edu
Research Thrust B2/C1 mofasser mallickFqa6∂kit edu
Research Thrust A1 elaheh sedghamizYbw3∂kit edu
Research Thrust B1 jieping wangHbu0∂kit edu
Research Thrust B1 liang yangMtx8∂kit edu
Research Thrust C3 lucie zilovaPyt0∂cos uni-heidelberg de