Postdoctoral Researchers

The Postdoctoral Researchers are an integral part of the Cluster's interdisciplinary research environment. Moreover, they profit from the early career support structures and training opportunities offered by the KIT and Heidelberg University, e.g. the Young Investigators Network.

We respect that some people prefer not to share their personal information, so not all Postdoctoral Researchers working in the Cluster are listed here.

Postdoctoral Representative

Doctoral Representative

Dr. Rafaela Debastiani
Research Thrust C2
E-Mail: rafaela debastiani∂kit edu

Portrait Name Group E-Mail
Portrait image Bamdad
Research Thrust A2 mahdiyeh bamdad does-not-exist.kit edu
Portrait Begum
Research Thrust A2 salma begum does-not-exist.kit edu
Portrait image
Research Thrust C2 yi chen does-not-exist.kit edu
Placeholder Image
Research Thrust C3 jacqueline delora mpg de
Portrait Debastiani
Research Thrust C2 rafaela debastiani does-not-exist.kit edu
Chatrawee Direksilp
Research Thrust A2 chatrawee direksilp does-not-exist.kit edu
Portrait Feist
Research Thrust A3 florian feist does-not-exist.kit edu
Valentina Ferraro
Research Thrust A1 valentina ferraro does-not-exist.kit edu
Elisa Fresta
Research Thrust B1 efresta does-not-exist.uni-heidelberg de
Default portrait
Research Thrust B1 alessandra griffo mpg de
Portrait Hahn
Research Thrust B1 v hahn does-not-exist.kit edu
Portrait Tawheed
Research Thrust A2 tawheed hashem does-not-exist.kit edu
Portrait Hassan
Research Thrust A1 zahid hassan does-not-exist.kit edu
Portrait Islam
Research Thrust B2 monsur islam does-not-exist.kit edu
Trevor Kalkus
Research Thrust B2 trevor kalkus does-not-exist.uni-heidelberg de
Portrait photo
Research Thrust A1 mariana kozlowska does-not-exist.kit edu
Portrait Krstic
Research Thrust A1 marjan krstic does-not-exist.kit edu
Portrait photo
Research Thrust C3 Markus Kurth does-not-exist.h-its org
Portrait Mallick
Research Thrust B2 and C1 mofasser mallick does-not-exist.kit edu
Nikolaj Mandsberg
Research Thrust A3 nikolaj mandsberg does-not-exist.kit edu
Iran Rojas Leon
Research Thrust A3 iran leon does-not-exist.kit edu
Portrait image
Research Thrust A2 and C1 sidra sarwar does-not-exist.kit edu
Senne Seneca
Research Thrust C3 senne seneca mpg de
Portrait photo
Research Thrust B2 bharat sharma does-not-exist.kit edu
Portrait image
Research Thrust B1 maria villiou does-not-exist.uni-heidelberg de
Portrait Yang
Research Thrust B1 liang yang does-not-exist.kit edu
Portrait Zilova
Research Thrust C3 lucie zilova does-not-exist.cos uni-heidelberg de