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Joint Cluster of Excellence

Excellence Strategy by the German Federal and State Governments


Cluster Spokespersons

Prof. Dr. Martin Wegener

Prof. Dr. Martin Wegener

Institute of Applied Physics and Institute of Nanotechnology, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

Prof. Dr. Uwe Bunz

Prof. Dr. Uwe Bunz

Institute of Organic Chemistry and Centre for Advanced Materials, Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

Research Area A: Molecular Materials

Research Area A is the molecular design center of the 3DMM2O Cluster.

The research focus lays on the confined self-assembly of molecular units into macroscopic objects and the provision of functional macromolecular inks and resists for 3D laser printing. With the programmed fabrication of functional materials, Research Area A "Molecular Materials” represents the basis of the Cluster 3DMM2O. The three Thrusts of Research Area A are: Molecular Units (A1), Crystalline Molecular Assemblies (A2) and Advanced Macromolecular Resists (A3).

Research Area A
Figure: Overview of Research Area A.

Molecular Units (A1) Crystalline Molecular Assemblies (A2) Advanced Macromolecular Resists (A3)