3D Additive Manufacturing Driven Towards the Molecular Scale

The Cluster of Excellence is a collaboration of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and Heidelberg University (Uni HD). It pursues an interdisciplinary approach through conjunction of natural, engineering, and social sciences. 3DMM2O establishes scalable digital 3D Additive Manufacturing transcending from the molecular to the macroscopic scale.

This approach converts digital information into functional materials, devices and systems “made to order.” 3DMM2O creates a powerful technology push and pull by treating molecular materials, technologies and applications as indissolubly intertwined.

On the technology side, the scientific challenges are “finer, faster, and more”, i.e., advance molecular materials and technologies in terms of resolution, speed, and multi-material printing by orders of magnitude.

On the application side, we aim at functional 3D hybrid optical and electronic systems, 3D artificial materials called metamaterials, and at reconstructing functioning organotypic systems by using 3D scaffolds for cell culture.

Cluster Spokespersons

Martin Wegener

Prof. Dr. Martin Wegener
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
martin wegener∂kit edu

Prof. Dr. Jochen Wittbrodt
Heidelberg University
jochen wittbrodt∂cos uni-heidelberg de


HEiKA Summer Science Academy
HEiKA Summer Science Academy 2023


The Heidelberg Karlsruhe Strategic Partnership HEiKA in collaboration with the Cluster 3DMM2O invites interested Master students to the HEiKA Summer Science Academy 2023 on 3D Materials and Applications. The event will take place from August 27 to September 1 at the Hotel Zuflucht in the Black Forest, Germany. There will be daily workshops and lectures presented by Cluster PIs on topics reaching from new 3D printing strategies to optoelectronic devices, microscopy and spectroscopy, and hybrid organoid systems. Of course, there will also be many opportunities to network, share ideas and explore exciting future research opportunities.

More Information and Application
The girls in front of the IMSEAM at Heidelberg University
Cluster participation in the Girls'Day 2023


This year, different research groups of the Cluster 3DMM2O offered again a variety of workshops for young female students as part of the Girls'Day 2023. At the IMSEAM of Heidelberg University, the students 3D printed materials on the micro and nanometer scale, examined different biological samples with a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) and experimented with proteins. They were supervised by the groups of PIs Franziska Thomas, Eva Blasco and Rasmus Schröder. The girls also learned about 3D printing at the KIT and got hands-on experience on how to get from an idea to the final product.

More Impressions of the Workshop at IMSEAM
Gerardo Hernandez Sosa
Gerardo Hernandez Sosa appointed W3 Professor at KIT


Cluster Principal Investigator Gerardo Hernandez Sosa was recently appointed W3 professor by the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). He conducts research on printed flexible, biocompatible and biodegradable electronics at the Light Technology Institute (LTI) and is also head of the printed electronics group of the InnovationLab. Congratulations to this well-deserved accomplishment!

Pernice and Kreysing portrait
The Cluster welcomes two new Associate PIs


We warmly welcome Prof. Dr. Wolfram Pernice and Prof. Dr. Moritz Kreysing as new Associate Principal Investigators in our Cluster! Wolfram Pernice is leader of the Neuromorphic Quantumphotonics group at the Kirchhoff Institute for Physics (KIP) of Heidelberg University and currently Fellow of the Marsilius Kolleg. Moritz Kreysing is Professor for Biophotonics in the Life Sciences and head of the Biophysical Information Processing department of the KIT. He is also group leader at the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics and Principle Investigator at the Karlsruhe School of Optics and Photonics. We wish both of them a good start in our Cluster and look forward to fruitful collaboration.

Eva Blasco and Christoph SpiegelUniversity of Heidelberg
Article about Cluster research on Printed 4D Polymers


The state agency "BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg" has published an article about the research of Cluster PI Eva Blasco and her group on printed intelligent 4D polymers. It illuminates the possible applications of the programmable polymer materials with lifelike properties in the medical sector, e.g., for implants, self-healing tissue or microrobotics. Prof. Blasco and her team at the Institute for Molecular Systems Engineering and Advanced Materials at Heidelberg University managed to produce microscopically small 4D structures from intelligent polymers that can be tailored to individual requirements.

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Optical MirrorsLTI, KIT
Optical Filters and Mirrors from the Inkjet Printer


The research group of Cluster PI Uli Lemmer at the Light Technology Institute of KIT demonstrates at the Hannover Messe 2023 how optical filters and dielectric mirrors can be manufactured in a customized, cost-effective, and energy-saving way via inkjet printing. They present their new manufacturing process based on new materials and inks from April 17 to 21 at their booth. The researchers see a high demand for the printed filters and mirrors in medicine, metrological devices, telescopes and microscopes, camera systems, sensor systems and solar panels.

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