Permanent Exhibition at the Physik Hochhaus (APH)

The Cluster 3D Matter Made to Order has now also opened a permanent exhibition in the foyer of the physics high-rise building on the KIT campus (building 30.23, Wolfgang-Gaede-Straße 1, 76131 Karlsruhe). Come by to see the structures and metamaterials visualized by our Young Scientists.

Exhibition at the APH

Some of the exhibited canvases

Mechanical Metamaterial made by using rapid multi-photon 3D laser printing

Kiefer, KIT (AG Wegener)

A nanophotonic cavity obtained using a computational design technique known as „Topology Opimization“

Augenstein, KIT (AG Rockstuhl)

Synthetic Cytoskeleton (synthetic biology)

Jahnke, Heidelberg University & MPI (AG Göpfrich)

3D Printed Porous Structures

Dong, KIT (AG Levkin)