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Prof. Dr. Stefan Bräse
Diversity Commissioner

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Equal Opportunity

The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and Heidelberg University are dedicated to create equal opportunities.

Diversity is a critical dimension of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and Heidelberg University (Uni HD) development concepts, which include reconciliation of work and family life, inclusion, interculturality, and generation management. Creating equal opportunities at all levels is also part of the development concept and an important goal for both institutions. We consider it a prerequisite for the success of our Cluster. Particularly, gender equality is of great concern to us.

Both institutions have defined strategic gender-equality plans to increase the proportion of women at all qualification levels, by offering gender-specific mentoring at all stages of a scientific and academic career and by establishing role model programs. The plans include, among others, the following measures:

  • To eliminate weaknesses in terms of the percentage of female professors and female students in our Graduate School, we have defined female quotas for our Cluster. These quotas are meant as targets and shall be adjusted if indicated. If they should not be met at the time of an opening, we will apply the Cluster’s program for headhunting of female researchers.
  • Furthermore, aiming at increasing the percentage of female students, especially in the engineering sciences, we will establish and run a “high-school student’s laboratory” on 3D printing, organized in a gender-separated manner.

The KIT and Uni HD are dedicated to create family friendly environments. For example, Uni HD has earmarked apartments for researchers or students with children. Furthermore, both universities offer day-care facilities as well as emergency childcare options to support families in the case of unforeseen circumstances. For more information, please visit the KIT’s Family portal and Uni HD's Service for Families.

To find out more about the diversity measures taken by each university, please visit the KIT’s Diversity Platform and the Diversity Management of Uni HD.