Vision Assessment of Scalable 3D Printing

The Vision Assessment Study funded by Carl Zeiss Foundation investigates the current visions of scalable digital 3D Additive Manufacturing. The research aims to assess, modify, and discuss relevant technology visions and application scenarios to embed the Cluster’s visionary research in a societal dialogue.

Based on the expertise on vision assessment at ITAS, the project focuses on the following tasks:

  • Analyzing the visionary discourses on scalable digital 3D Additive Manufacturing in the Cluster and on an international level
  • Assessing the anticipated innovative potentials, risks, ethical and social implications of future applications
  • Constructing visionary scenarios to explore and discuss development paths for the Cluster’s visionary technologies
  • Engaging in an ongoing dialogue with the researchers of the cluster concerning the societal aspects of their research
  • Cooperating with external experts, stakeholders, and society to collaboratively shape and communicate the imagined futures
  • Supporting the Cluster’s scientists in embedding their research in society and becoming responsive to societal implications of visionary research.

The project’s mission is to support the societal relevance of visionary research and make research and society more responsive to and responsible for each other to foster better technologies within a better society.



PD Dr. Andreas Lösch
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
Institute for Technology Assessment and Systems Analysis (ITAS)
E-Mail: andreas loesch∂kit edu



Figure Vision Assessment
Vision Assessment