Coordinating Committee

All strategic decisions within the Cluster are made by the Coordinating Committee (CC). The CC is composed of six PIs from KIT and six from Heidelberg University. An additional delegate from the KIT presidential committee and one from the president’s office of Heidelberg University guarantees efficient and direct information transfer between our Cluster and the university executives. Jörg Pross (Uni HD) and Oliver Kraft (KIT) act as the current delegates. The acting Coordinating Committee is elected until November 11, 2022.

The Coordinating Committee decides upon changes in Cluster members, changes in Cluster PIs, and the distribution of funds within the Cluster. One further main task is the systematical evaluation of all projects, Thrusts, PIs, and members of the Cluster. The aim is to strengthen ongoing efforts and launch new ones, especially with respect to the second half of the first seven-year funding period.