Research Area C: Applications

Research Area C is responsible for applications in the technical and life sciences. The basis for the scientific applications are the molecular materials and 3D technologies developed in Research Areas A and B which make it possible to realize functional devices and systems for applications that were previously inaccessible. The three Thrusts of Research Area C are: 3D Hybrid Electronic and Photonic Systems (C1), 3D Metamaterials (C2) and 3D Hybrid Organotypic Systems (C3).

Teaser image of Thrust C1
Thrust C1

Thrust C1 will realize novel 3D photonic-electronic systems for communications, sensing and energy conversion.

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Teaser image of Thrust C2
Thrust C2

Thrust C2 aims at designing 3D metamaterials.

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Teaser image of Thrust C3
Thrust C3

Thrust C3 intends to design organ functionality in a petri dish through 3D printing technologies.

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