Research Data Management

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Good and reliable research necessitates good practices to ensure that the data produced in the process is FAIR: Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Re-Usable. That is why Research Data Management is integral to the success of the research conducted in the Cluster of Excellence 3D Matter Made to Order (3DMM2O).

The Cluster aims at being exemplary in this respect, providing data handling to ensure excellent scientific practice. Research Data Management in the Cluster seeks collaborative exchange not only between disciplines, but also with other Research Data initiatives existing on all levels.

The Research Data Management efforts of the Cluster build upon the strong data infrastructure by Uni HD and KIT, such as the Large-Scale Data Facility (LSDF) and the already existing Research Data Management facilities at Uni HD (Competence Centre for Research Data) and KIT (RDM@KIT).

The Research Data Handling Officer supports researchers in the handling of their research data and is responsible for the assurance of all stages in the Research Data Life Cycle.

This includes tasks such as planning and executing training modules introducing doctoral researchers to Research Data Management, the implementation of electronic laboratory notebooks for documentation and the establishment of a shared infrastructure for Research Data needs.

A Research Data Management Committee comprised of Cluster scientists assists the Research Data Handling Officer and provides feedback to make sure that needs from both universities and all disciplines are taken into consideration. The Committee prepares decisions in the context of research data management to be taken into consideration by the Coordinating Committee.

As far as possible and reasonable, the Cluster plans to make data publicly available as Open Research Data, especially with regard to data forming the basis for publications.

Research Data Handling Officer

Frank Tristram

Frank Tristram
Cluster Office @ KIT
E-Mail: frank tristram∂kit edu