In order to create comparability and track progress, the Graduate School is structured through a module system.

Each Doctoral Researcher in our Graduate School independently selects their modules; at least five days of Scientific Modules, five days of Science Communication Modules, and five days of Management Modules. In total, 15 days have to be completed. A mandatory e-learning course has to be completed within the first six months of membership.

The hands-on Scientific Modules help the Doctoral Researchers tackle the technical challenges of their experimental or theoretical work in the first one and a half years of their theses in the highly interdisciplinary environment of the Cluster.

In the Science Communication Modules, Doctoral Researchers present their research at both international conferences and Cluster events. There is also the opportunity to expand the development of these skills through the CZF Training Program and have them count as a Science Communication Module.

The Management Modules are an integral part of the HEiKA Graduate School as they teach valuable management skills qualifying Doctoral Researchers to connect their current research with advanced management expertise to face todays challenges. Doctoral researchers with a specific interest in the area of management are encouraged to go beyond the Management Modules by taking part in the MBA Fundamentals Program.