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Diversity Commissioner
Prof. Dr. Stefan Bräse

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Graduate School Program Manager
Stefanie Peer
Cluster Office

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Career Development at the Heidelberg University

Mentoring programs

Heidelberg University's Equal Opportunities Office assists young female researchers through a range of qualification and advanced training programs which include individual coaching and various seminars and workshops.

The university also invites young female researchers to participate in the program Mentoring and Training (MuT) of the Conference of Equal Opportunities Officers at Universities in Baden-Wuerttemberg (LaKoG) funded by the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts. It is aimed at women with a post-doctoral lecture qualification, women in the stage of their post-doctoral lecture qualification (Habilitandinnen), junior professors, postdocs, and women working towards their PhD and provides a way to establish personal contacts and receive specific training in hard and soft skills. It also facilitates a mentor-mentee relationship. 

To find out more about upcoming seminars, workshops and other events concerning career development, please consult the Equal Opportunities Office's Agenda for the summer term.

Stipends and support programs

The Equal Opportunities Office informs female junior researchers about stipends and support programs of Heidelberg University, the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts Baden-Wuerttemberg and other institutions which are aimed at them particularly.

These programs include the Olympia Morata Programme, the Margarete von Wrangell Habilitation Programme for Women and the Brigitte Schlieben Lange Programme, each of which is aimed at female researchers in their early careers. Furthermore, Heidelberg University has created a gender-equity back-up that offers quick support in challenging circumstances, e.g. if financial resources are needed to take along a child to an important conference. 

Heidelberg University established a Dual Career Service in order to support the partners of newly-hired professors and postdoctoral researchers as they continue their own careers in the Rhine-Neckar region. Heidelberg University is a member of the Dual Career Network Germany as well as the Dual Career Network of the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Area.