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Career Development at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Mentoring programs

The KIT offers different support programs for its young female scientists. This includes the cross-mentoring program X-Ment which connects scientists with industry mentors. The mentoring process thus not only facilitates personal but also professional growth through networking. Another opportunity to network with female scientists and employees at the KIT is the Netzwerk WIKITs which was established in 1992.

Another initiative to improve the career of young female scientists is the Femtec Careerbuilding Programme which specifically prepares top female students in engineering and the sciences for entry into their respective professions through individual coaching and mentoring. In the Femtec network ten international technology companies cooperate with the TU9 German Universities of Technology and the ETH Zurich.

Female scientists with two to four years of professional experience are also invited to make use of the key2competence program which offers new food for thought, supports self-reflection and enables the development of individual key qualifications. Additionally the Human Resources Development and Vocational Training department at KIT regularly offers courses to support employee development. 

Stipends and support programs

The Karlsruhe House of Young Scientists collects and lists special programs that provide ideational and financial support as well as assistance to female researchers at various career stages. Please click here to see the list.

As part of a development strategy that includes the needs of dual-career couples, the KIT offers a Dual Career Service which supports partners of professors, managers, and senior scientists with the search of suitable career and contact options in the city of Karlsruhe and its region. 

The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology is a member of the Dual Career Network Germany.