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Care Support at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

The KIT, as an employer and a place of university studies, considers it its duty to look after the needs of its employees and students. Working fathers and mothers face the very special challenge of devoting equal attention to their work and to family life as well as to child care. Students who must simultaneously master the education of and care for their children have to make a tremendous effort. All this takes organizational skills, stamina, but also perseverance.

To support families, the KIT has created four day-care facilities: the "nanos!", "Räuberkiste", "Schloss-Geister" and the "KinderUniversum" day care centers, featuring in excess of 200 slots for children starting at 8 weeks.

Furthermore, the KIT offers holiday childcare and the service FlexiKids emergency care in the event of childcare bottlenecks. Other services offered to improve the reconciliation of family and work life are the Parent-Child Office at Campus North and the possibility of Flexible Working Time Models including teleworking. 

For more information on the topic, please visit the KIT’s Family portal.