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Diversity Commissioner
Prof. Dr. Stefan Bräse

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Graduate School Program Manager
Stefanie Peer
Cluster Office

+49 (0)721 608-47018

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Career Development

The Cluster implements several measures to support the career development of young female scientists as part of the Cluster's equal opportunity strategy, including:

  • As a way to prepare female scientists for their future career, the Cluster provides a budget for individual and group coaching
  • To eliminate weaknesses in terms of the percentage of female professors and female students in our Graduate School, we have defined female quotas for our Cluster. These quotas are meant as targets and shall be adjusted if indicated. If they should not be met at the time of an opening, we will apply the Cluster’s program for headhunting of female researchers.
  • To create more flexibility in the work environment, the Cluster creates digital work spaces as well as a digital conference room
  • Furthermore, aiming at increasing the percentage of female students, especially in the engineering sciences, we will establish and run a “high-school student’s laboratory” on 3D printing, organized in a gender-separated manner.

A background analysis is employed to find out more about the actual needs of researchers within the Cluster. Additionally, the Cluster can draw on career development structures already established by the cooperating universities.