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Publication in Nature Communications: New method for dynamic 3D printing

Scientists of the Cluster 3DMM2O have developed a process for producing three-dimensional microstructures whose shape can be controlled by temperature and light.

Laser-based 3D printing can already be used today to produce any structures on a micrometer scale. However, for many applications it is desirable not only to produce rigid structures, but also active systems that are still movable after the printing process. Scientists from Karlsruhe and Heidelberg have now developed a printing process for such structures that can change shape due to the use of light and temperature.

The multidisciplinary research was conducted under the direction of Professor Martin Bastmeyer and Martin Wegener, who are two of the 25 Principal Investigators of the Cluster 3DMM2O.They present their results in the scientific journal Nature Communications.

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Marc Hippler, Eva Blasco, Jingyuan Qu, Motomu Tanaka, Christopher Barner-Kowollik, Martin Wegener, and Martin Bastmeyer: Controlling the shape of 3D microstructures by temperature and light. Nature Communications. 2019. DOI: 10.1038/s41467-018-08175-w

Scheme HQ Marc Hippler
Scheme of bi-material hetero-structures with the two materials highlighted in green and gray, lower and higher dose exposure, respectively. These can be compared with the 3D reconstructions of measured fluorescence image stacks.