Equal Opportunity Workshop

Visibility in the Professional Context: Self-presentation – Positioning – Networking

Many people assume that their professional performance speaks for itself and that the right doors will open during the course of their career. Therefore the focus is usually put on the presentation of data and facts. In reality, however, it is clear that know-how, discipline and hard work do not automatically lead to professional success. Modesty and reservation can even be real obstacles in the development of one's own career. Ultimately, the visibility of a person in his/her professional network is the crucial factor in whether or not s/he actually achieves her/his goal. In this workshop participants can learn how they can efficiently boost their visibility in the professional context.


  • Recognize the relevance of visibility in the workplace in relation to context, situation and people
  • Understand why self-presentation is always an aspect of networking
  • Learn why authentic profiling and positioning are important factors
  • Dealing with the influence of socialization on one's own attitude to the topic (gender aspects)
  • Receive concrete advice on what self-presentation means in own case
  • Practice how to present oneself confidently and convincingly and how to communicate one's point of view


  • Structured alternation between theory and practical exercises
  • Interactive exchange in the plenum
  • Small group work
  • Self-reflection & feedback
  • Coaching sessions based on case studies
  • Self-presentation in the form of an elevator pitch

The next workshop with Dr. Silke Oehrlein-Karpi as trainer will take place at the International Department in Karlsruhe, SE101, on October 6 (01:00 - 05:00 pm) and October 7 (10:00 am - 05:00 pm). Following the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to receive one-on-one coaching on individually scheduled dates.

Please note that the workshop is aimed exclusively at female doctoral and postdoctoral researchers.


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