Talk Series "Successes and Challenges"

The format “Successes and Challenges” acts as a hub fostering interdisciplinary thinking, understanding and collaborations.

The idea is to have two presenters once a month to stimulate the audience with their successes and, as importantly, trigger collaborative creativity by highlighting their actual challenges.

When: Once a month on Tuesday afternoon at 15:15

Where: Uni HD, IMSEAM (INF 225) seminar room 01.413 (1st floor) with coffee and cookies & online via zoom

Who: Two presenters from two different groups every month

Upcoming Events

Presenter Title Date Location

Christina Schlagheck (AG Wittbrodt)


Florian Häge (AG Thomas)

  • Organoids as a Screening Platform – Advantages and Challenges
  • Design of Calcium-binding Miniproteins for Tissue Engineering
January 17, 2023 IMSEAM, Uni HD & Online

Rabea Link (AG Schwarz)


Ana Claudia Fingolo (AG Wöll)

  • Modeling cell shape in structured environments in three dimensions
  • Patterning of SURMOFs
February 14. 2023 IMSEAM, Uni HD & Online

Erin Spiller (AG Duarte Campos)

Anna Mauri (AG Wenzel)

  • TBA
  • TBA
April 18, 2023 IMSEAM, Uni HD & Online

Corona ordinances of Heidelberg University will apply for on-site attendance at IMSEAM, INF 225.

Call for Speakers

Please reach out to Jochen Wittbrodt and Christine Selhuber-Unkel if you are interested in giving a talk in this series. You are more than welcome to forward the present information to your group members.