3D Additive Manufacturing Driven Towards the Molecular Scale

The Cluster of Excellence is a collaboration of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and Heidelberg University (Uni HD). It pursues an interdisciplinary approach through conjunction of natural, engineering, and social sciences. 3DMM2O establishes scalable digital 3D Additive Manufacturing transcending from the molecular to the macroscopic scale.

This approach converts digital information into functional materials, devices and systems “made to order.” 3DMM2O creates a powerful technology push and pull by treating molecular materials, technologies and applications as indissolubly intertwined.

On the technology side, the scientific challenges are “finer, faster, and more”, i.e., advance molecular materials and technologies in terms of resolution, speed, and multi-material printing by orders of magnitude.

On the application side, we aim at functional 3D hybrid optical and electronic systems, 3D artificial materials called metamaterials, and at reconstructing functioning organotypic systems by using 3D scaffolds for cell culture.

Cluster Spokespersons

Martin Wegener

Prof. Dr. Martin Wegener
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
E-Mail: martin wegener∂kit edu

Uwe Bunz

Prof. Dr. Uwe Bunz
Heidelberg University
E-Mail: uwe bunz∂oci uni-heidelberg de


Default news imageCluster 3DMM2O
Physikalisches Kolloquium with Martin van Hecke


On May 21 at 4 pm, Martin van Hecke (Leiden University & AMOLF Institute Amsterdam) will give an online lecture in the event series Physikalisches Kolloquium of KIT's Department of Physics following an invitation by Cluster Co-Spokesperson Martin Wegener. The topic of the lecture is "Mechanical Metamaterials: Step by Step". Cluster members are invited to take part.

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Screenshot of PaperOSA Publishing
2020 OMEx Emerging Researcher Prize for Cluster paper


With the Optical Materials Express Emerging Researcher Best Paper Prize, the journal recognizes a student or early-career researcher who is the first author of a paper that a committee of OMEx editors judged to be outstanding. The 2020 prize goes to Simon Woska for his paper "Tunable photonic devices by 3D laser printing of liquid crystal elastomers". The author list includes several Cluster Young Researchers and Principal Investigators. Furthermore, the research was supported by the recently established CZF 3D User Lab.

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Martin Bastmeyer & Joachim WittbrodtMarkus Breig / Sabine Arndt
Interview with Conference Organizers


Prof. Dr. Martin Bastmeyer (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) and Joachim Wittbrodt (Heidelberg University), the organizers of Future 3D Additive Manufacturing – The 3DMM2O Conference 2021: 3D Hybrid Organotypic Systems, were interviewed by Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg. In the interview, they give an insight into the topics of the Conference.

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Portrait photo Duarte CamposDaniela Duarte Campos
New Cluster PI: Jun.-Prof. Daniela Duarte Campos


The Cluster 3DMM2O warmly welcomes Jun.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Daniela Duarte Campos as a new PI in Research Thrust C3. Before joining Heidelberg University as a W1 professor recently, Daniela Duarte Campos worked at RWTH Aachen University. Her research focuses on bioprinting and advanced materials for biomedicine.

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Fully printed origami thermoelectric generatorAndres Rösch, KIT
Printed Thermoelectric Generators


Cluster scientists have developed a mass-producible low-cost fully printed flexible origami thermoelectric generator which is able to power an autonomous weather sensor comprising a Bluetooth module and a power management system. This approach might be a milestone for the use of low-cost TEGs. They present their results in the journal npj Flexible Electronics.

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IntervieweesCluster 3DMM2O / Agentur Triebfeder
Interviews with Carl Zeiss Scholarship holders


The Cluster 3DMM2O has a lot of talented Young Researchers. In order two increase their visibility, we have published two interviews with female Carl Zeiss Foundation Scholarship holders Britta Weidinger (A3) and Tamara Molitor (C3). In the interviews, they talk about their research and the role of the CZF Scholarship Program for their academic career.

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