3D Matter Made to Order

Welcome Day

The Welcome Day is an event, which gives new Young Scientists in the HEiKA Graduate School a first chance to meet other Young Scientists from both Heidelberg University and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and provides a space to get to know each other's research across the Research Thrusts. Furthermore, Young Scientists will be introduced to the Cluster Office.

This event is the elementary first step to becoming a doctoral researcher in the HEiKA Graduate School and, by extension, the Cluster 3D Matter Made to Order. We believe that a strong network between the Young Scientists in the Cluster enhances the collaboration between them.

Additionally, the Welcome Day gives a first insight into the infrastructure and facilities available to Cluster scientists as they usually include laboratory visits in either Karlsruhe or Heidelberg.

There will be around 2-3 Welcome Days per year, depending on the number of new Young Scientists. Currently, the Welcome Day takes place online.