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Costs & Fees

The MSc program Materials Science and Engineering is funded by the state of Baden-Württemberg and thus the MSc Program has no tuition fee for EU students and low tuition fees for non-EU students like any other Master Program at a public university in the state of Baden-Württemberg.

The following fees are charged per semester:

  EU Students Non-EU Students*
Costs per semester approx. 153.69 € (administrative contribution) approx. 1,500 € (tuition fees) + 153.69 € (administrative contribution)

*Please note: According to Article 3, LHGebG (Baden-Württemberg Act on State University Fees), international students (from third countries/non-EU countries) attending bachelor’s, teacher’s, and consecutive master’s programs as well as free movers will have to pay tuition fees of 1,500 € per semester. Some international students are exempt from the obligation to pay enrolment fees. For more information click here.

Additionally, you will need to consider the living expenses for the duration of your studies. Average monthly expenses of a student in Karlsruhe range between 600 to 800 € depending on their personal situation.

Carl Zeiss Foundation Qualification Scholarships

Due to the support by the Carl Zeiss Foundation, the HEiKA Graduate School on Functional Materials is in a position to offer qualification scholarships to outstanding MSc students.